The concept of Covidpedia Labs is based upon the societal upheaval triggered by the COVID-19 global pandemic, hence its namesake. It is a ‘catalyst platform’ with a mission to distribute evidence-based information in a balanced format i.e., to remove radical bias on issues that can detract essential resources from helping save lives and provide information to help individuals make ‘informed decisions.’

We’re counteracting the disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, which the World Health Organization has termed an “infodemic,” is literally killing people. It is critical for online platforms to work together and put a stop to dangerous information by ‘raising public awareness and clearing the air of disinformation’.

"The COVID-19 pandemic will not be our last pandemic."

It’s a bold statement from the scientific community that inspired us to look at the ‘bigger picture’ and search for new methodologies to communicate on recurring epidemics and future health crises from a prevention and advocacy perspective by drawing in domestic and international viewpoints.

  • The platform is intentionally designed to provide a ‘safe harbour’ for the general public to comprehend the complexities and ecosystems in public health from expert viewpoints and to provide information on how to manage the outcomes from long-term social and economic policy(s) (unintended consequence).
  • The key objective is to assist communities to safely ride out this pandemic (it’s not over, yet) and future ones with a confident mindset of ‘staying updated, mitigating risk and better decision making’.
  • The user interface is purposely intuitive and intentionally designed for any demographic group to access information with ease.

We know through collaboration we can make an impact, we’re starting here...


Dee Sandhu has spent her professional career in strategic communications and public policy, with a focus on international affairs. She worked for Ogilvy and led communication strategy for many healthcare initiatives and a pan-European public health coalition in the disease area of COPD. Dee spent several years in the European Union institutions as a communication and policy advisor on food safety and agriculture.

Her career has focused on international projects and (she) has worked in Europe and South East Asia for over 15 years. She is currently based in California.

For further information email to Dee@CovidpediaLabs.com