ANTIBODY THERAPY: AstraZeneca requests emergency FDA authorization for antibody therapy treatment

European drugmaker AstraZeneca has requested emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its coronavirus antibody therapy, it said Tuesday.

The antibody therapy called AZD7442 is “long acting,” said the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant, and contains lab-made “in vitro” antibodies that can extend the body’s immune response to a covid-19 infection. The therapy also demonstrated some success at neutralizing the delta and mu coronavirus variants, the company said.

The request to the FDA also included results from a recent trial of the treatment, which showed that the therapy reduced the risk of developing symptomatic covid-19 by 77 percent. AstraZeneca also said the treatment could help people who may be in need of additional protection due to a reduced immune response to vaccines or supplement a normal vaccination course.

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